HKU Pre-Startup Connector (11 April) – Virtual Startup Connection between Student Exhibitors and Visitors

The HKU Pre-Startup Connector Virtual Connection will be held on 11 April 2023. It is a new platform for HKU students with startup ideas to get together, discuss and form teams. You will meet students from diverse backgrounds and experiences, and obtain a renewed sense of inspiration.  

HKU Pre-Startup Connector on 11 April
Date 11 April 2023 (Tuesday)
Time 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Target Students All HKU students
Student Exhibitors Join us to showcase your ideas, and meet Visitors and other Exhibitors.  

Having aligned vision and values, you will get the right people to uncover the right opportunity, build the right startups, or join the right competitions and showcases. 

To facilitate your understanding of this newly-launched event, please refer to the Guideline for Student Exhibitors, which includes all the key points that you need to know for being a student exhibitor in the event. 

Registration: Please fill in the Registration Form for Student Exhibitor (Registration deadline for the upcoming meetup on 11 April: 3 April) 

Student Visitors Join us to meet Exhibitors and hear about their ideas and insights to learn about the latest innovations.  

Having aligned vision and values, you will unleash your entrepreneurial potential for driving a successful career by building startups together and joining competitions. 

Activities Meetup with other HKU Students who are passionate about Startup business 

Interactive Booths by potential HKU Student Entrepreneurs to showcase their Startup Ideas 

Instant Messaging and Video Chat between Student Exhibitors & Student Visitors  

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Student User Guide 

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