HKU Startup Job Fair 2023 (21 – 22 September)

HKU Startup Job Fair, for all HKU students and graduates, aims to connect talented HKU students with new and innovative startups in the region. It is an excellent opportunity for students to find full-time, part-time and internship positions, offering students a unique opportunity to discover and interact with startups that typically rely on personal connections for hiring.

HKU Startup Job Fair 2023 on 21 – 22 September

Date 21 – 22 September 2023 (Thursday to Friday)
Time 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Target Students All HKU students and recent graduates
Exhibitors Companies and organisations across wide range of industries 
Job Vacancies: Job vacancies including Full-time Graduate Positions, Summer Internships, and Part-time Opportunities
Activities Meetup with Employers

Interactive Recruitment Booths

Disruptive Leader Series Webinars

Instant Online Job Application

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These 45-minute long sharing sessions aim to feature some of the most promising startups and find out how they are shaking up its sector’s norms with new innovation and filling up the market gap.

AutoML Capital

Topic A Journey into Fintech, AI, and Investment: From Startup Hustle to Corporate Ladders
Date 22 September 2023 (Friday)
Time 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm
Registration Please register on the webinar page

Yintran Group Holdings Limited

Topic We are NOT a bank, we are an SVF.
Date 22 September 2023 (Friday)
Time 3:30 pm – 4:15 pm
Registration Please register on the webinar page

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Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike traditional job fairs, the virtual fair:

  • Opens up opportunities with no need of transportation
  • Offers you the chance of an initial interview with a recruiter and gets your CV in front of multiple hiring companies on the same day, even the same hour
  • The entry is free and the connections with employers are all through chat

For employers, the HKU Startup Job Fair is a chance to meet a large number of potential applicants. While they are happy to provide information, they can also judge applicants who approach them, and in a sense perform miniature job interviews. Students / Graduates who are confident, assertive and make good impression are likely to be invited by the potential employer for a longer conversation afterwards. To impress employers, all you need is good planning.

    1. Register now!
    2. Research on the exhibitors before the fair. You can view profiles and job openings of each exhibitor, as well as visit the exhibitor’s own website to find out more about them. You can then decide which exhibitors you particularly want to talk to, and you will be able to ask more informed questions. 
    3. Try to prepare some questions in advance and think about the main points that you would want an exhibitor to know about you – it can help you feel more confident. 
    4. Create your Cover Letter by using AI Career 360 – Cover Letter Builder to create a concise and convincing cover letter with step-by-step guide. 
    5. Create your CV by using AI Career 360 – CV Builder to build a professional and ATS-friendly CV with ease. 
    6. Scan your CV by using AI Career 360 – CV Checker to receive instant and detailed feedback and tips to improve your CV. 
    7. Have a device and a neat camera background ready for the day of the fair. 
    8. Practice your pitch (remember this is just like an on-site fair). 
    9. Practice mock interviews by using AI Career 360 – Interview Simulator and browse common interview questions with advice on how to answer them.
  1. Dress-up. You never know, a recruiter wants to initiate a video chat or interview and you should be ready. 
  2. Although you can connect from anywhere, do not forget to be in a distraction-free environment, you must make the most of time you have. 
  3. Use clear communication, make the employers see you are professional. 
  4. Slay classy. Remember you are talking with recruiters, sometimes with an online environment you might forget, and you think you are talking to a friend. Do not use slang language. 
  5. Take notes. This might seem obvious at first, but many people forget, and it is important to take enormous amounts of notes. 
  6. Thank each person you spoke with for his / her time. Ask for contact information to stay connected when the communication ends. 
  7. Apply to all the job openings that you are interested in. 
  8. Attend the Disruptive Leaser Series webinars. 
  9. Remember, do your homework, and target your visit. Collect as much company information as possible. These will become useful tools when you have an interview with your target company. 
  1. If you have got the contacts, write a thank you note to the recruiter afterwards, thanking them for their time and consideration, or noting on it anything that it would be useful to remember. For example: Have they suggested you email them with further questions? Did they give you advice on their recruitment process? 
  2. Practice Free Online Aptitude Practice Tests and Games to challenge yourself with up to 50 reasoning tests in the following areas: Numerical, Verbal, Logical, Abstract, Spatial, and Diagrammatic; and improve your performance on different abilities, such as cognitive memory, attention, organisational skills, etc. by playing fun and engaging games. 
  • Remember that many of the opportunities are available to students of any discipline. 
  • Staff at the exhibitor booths are often relatively recent graduates who can tell you what it is really like to work in their organisation. 
  • If you feel overwhelmed, and do not know what to do or where to start, you can visit the Careers and Placement booth (Info Desk) for assistance. 


For enquiries, please email to or call us at 3917 2317.
We look forward to e-meeting you!